CrossFit SSC Kikusui is our latest training facility conveniently located downtown 200m from Kikusui subway station. We have a large fully equipped training area on the first floor which includes four Skillmill non-motorized running machines. Our stretching and relaxation area on the second floor has the latest Zero-i stretching equipment and a fully stocked protein shake/smoothie bar for your pre and post training nutrition. We have the space, equipment and qualified staff for all your training needs.

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Kikusui 5 Jō 3 Chome 5-19, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo 003-0805


Sign-up Fee ¥0
Basics Course ¥15,000 (8 classes)
Group Class Monthly fee ¥9,800 includes 4 classes per month.
Additional classes use tickets, 12 classes cost ¥15,000 (cost per class ¥1,250).
Student and Family Discounts Available.
Premium Membership Monthly fee ¥25,000 + Unlimited class membership
Personal Training Monthly fee ¥4,000 + 1 hour ¥7,000
Drop-in Membership ¥2,500

These prices are excluding consumption tax. Consumption tax will be covered by the CrossFit until November 2020.


  • トレーニング 動作説明 ケトルベルスイング Kettlebell swings
  • トレーニング 動作説明 スラスター Thruster
  • トレーニング 動作説明 プッシュプレス Push Press




Free Intro Class

The best way to start CrossFit is to come in and try it! CrossFit SSC offers a free intro class to anyone who wants to try CrossFit!

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